Tshimologong Precinct

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The Pivotal Point travels to points south to support a university building an entire district devoted to entrepreneurship in Johannesburg.

Professor Barry Dwolatsky, CEO of Tshimologong Precinct and director of the Jo’burg Centre for Software Engineering at Wits University in Johannesburg, envisioned a block-long innovation hub of incubators under one roof as a way to transform the inner-city district of Braamfontein. Partnerships had been formed with several areas of government, as well as Microsoft South Africa, IBM Research and others to host incubators and accelerators in the district. The Pivotal Point came in to assist Prof Barry in the acceleration of his initiative and the creation of a prime environment for multiple incubators. Working directly with him, we helped coach and build his team, solidify operations, recruit start-ups and form additional partnerships – all with the aim of ensuring the successful launch and growth of the hub.

Today, the Tshimologong Digital Innovation Precinct is a true centre of innovation, and home to the incubation of start-ups, the commercialization of research and the development of high-level digital skills for students, working professionals and unemployed youth.