It's a Pivotal Moment

Living in these fast-moving times brings with it a need to constantly adapt. However, they also open up perfect opportunities—or pivotal moments—to make real change, embrace innovation and move forward.

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The Pivotal Point brings entrepreneurial thinking to organizations around the globe. From incubators and accelerators, academic institutions and government to corporations, non-profits and charities, we help people advance their goals, capitalize on opportunities, discover new solutions and, as our name implies, set a course in a new direction.

The Pivotal Path

In the 21st Century, every road can lead to innovation and opportunity through networking and connection.

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The Philosophy

At The Pivotal Point, we believe incubators are living, growing things.


The Possibilities

There isn’t an organization that wouldn’t benefit from new thinking.


Our awesome features
Our awesome features

The Point

In a digital word, innovation has become our most-valued commodity.


Our Clients

Our awesome features


Headed by Valerie Fox, co-founder of the DMZ at Ryerson University—the number one ranked university incubator in the world—The Pivotal Point is a team of consultants and advisors. In our role as coach and collaborator, we offer extensive expertise, access to valuable networks and, ultimately, a fresh perspective on the possibilities that lie ahead.

Client Perspectives

The Pivotal Point has helped people from the Yukon to South Africa. Here’s what our clients have to say about us.

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